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(7997) The Lottery Test Cron for 1245 Will Hines

The Lottery: Lottery

Test Cron for 1245
Start Date
Wed December 31, 1969, 7:00pm EST

Students from all levels of classes are randomly selected to perform with members of the UCB Theatre House Teams.

This is a test for 1245

Will Hines, Teacher

Will Hines has studied and performed improv at UCBT since 1999, currently on the improv team The Stepfathers. Among his teachers: Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Matt Besser, Armando Diaz, and Sean Conroy. He's co-written, starred in and directed many sketch shows. He makes short videos and dabbles in stand-up like an arrogant swaggering dilettante. He's had small parts in prominent web series and not so prominent commercials. He's taught at UCBT since spring of 2003.


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