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(8126) Special Thursdays 2:00-3:30pm once a month Betsy Capes

Special: Special Class

Must have previous UCBT class experience. See course description below for details.
Thursdays 2:00-3:30pm once a month
Start Date
Thu March 28, 2013, 2:00pm EDT

Artists In Action 101: Goal Setting & Time-Management 
 AIA 101: Goal Setting & Time-Management is a live teleclass and audio coaching program designed to help you take control of your artistic career by bringing the classroom and personalized coaching experience directly to you in a flexible, accessible, and empowering way. Work with career coach, Betsy Capes of Capes Coaching, and learn how to master the areas of your business that are essential to sustaining a successful career in the arts. 
In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to avoid the three most common traps artists fall into when running their business.

  • Set powerful long-term goals for your career, and create a short-term action plan for how to reach those goals.

  • Examine how you've been investing your time, energy, and money in your artistic career, and get the tools you need to ensure that you're making profitable and worthwhile future investments.

  • Get strategies for managing your time more effectively and aligning your schedule to support you and your career.

The curriculum:
AIA 101 is comprised of four lessons, each consisting of an audio lecture and corresponding career tools and assignments, as well as lesson-specific coaching tips. In addition, you'll get a bonus lecture on finance from our guest expert, as well as inspiration from our Artist Interview series, where Betsy talks with an eclectic group of successful artists from all areas of the industry who share their inspiring stories and advice.
So, how does it work? 
In order to accommodate your busy schedules, the majority of the work will be done on your own time. On the first day of class you will receive a welcome packet via email along with a link to the class website, which will provide everything you need to get started. Below is a simple breakdown of what you’ll do for each lesson:

  • Listen to the audio lectures and coaching tips each month on your own time

  • Work on your own and with fellow classmates to apply the lessons and tools to your artistic career

  • Attend the live coaching call each month with your AIA 101 instructor and fellow classmates. 

The course will start on March 14 when students receive curriculum for the course and materials to get started.

"I would have loved it if Artists In Action had existed when I first graduated from NYU Drama School, because there was so little I knew about how to get started in show business. Capes Coaching has created an amazing program for artists, performers, and creative professionals. I highly recommend Artists In Action!"  -Molly Shannon, SNL

"What Betsy helped me realize was that in order for me to get what I want professionally, I have to define where I want to go and how to get there. As a result, I have accomplished all the goals we put in place and am in the process of setting new goals for things I couldn't have before even envisioned. I highly recommend Artists In Action for anyone who is serious about their career." -Lennon Parham, Co-Creator and Co-Star of NBC's Best Friends Forever

Maximum class size is 12.

Must be approved for Advanced Study courses in Improv OR Sketch

To apply for this course, send an email to BOTH [email protected] and [email protected] with the subject "Application for AIA UCBTC Thursdays 2pm 8126" if you're applying for both the afternoon and evening course, please let us know which one is your preference.

In the body of the email, please answer these questions briefly:

1. Why are you interested in taking this course?
2. Have you ever done any "career planning" work before? If so, please explain…
3. What do you hope to get out of taking this course?

Submit your application by Friday, February 22 at 12:00pm. We will notify students who have been selected by Wednesday, February 27.

Betsy Capes, Teacher

Betsy Capes, CPCC, is a certified career coach who founded Capes Coaching in April 2004. After spending five years casting and directing theatre while coaching actors and artists on the side, she began to notice a significant trend in the industry: artists spending all of their time and resources honing their craft, yet feeling helpless when it came to actually making a living in their chosen field.

As the President of Capes Coaching, Betsy has spearheaded the creation of a variety of career-focused services for artists, trained multiple coaches and instructors, and she continues to personally coach artists of all mediums. Since the company’s inception, Betsy has helped over 2,500 actors, artists, and creative professionals sustain their careers in the entertainment industry. For information on Betsy Capes and Capes Coaching, visit www.capesco.com.


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