Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Training Center

(9404) Sketch 301 Tuesdays 12:15-3:15pm Geoff Garlock

Sketch 301: Writing a Sketch Show

Completion of Sketch 201
Tuesdays 12:15-3:15pm
Start Date
Tue January 7, 2014, 12:15pm EST

Students in this class will work together to write an original sketch show. Students will be held to weekly deadlines in order to generate material to be featured in the show. Students will also get the experience of generating material collaboratively with others.

Students will be expected to devote time to writing and rewriting material outside of class. Students will also get the experience of rehearsing, blocking, and producing sketches for the stage.

The culmination of Sketch 301 will be the performance of a sketch show comprised of student-generated material.

PLEASE NOTE: Students will be writing for a predetermined cast, not for themselves. The focus of the class is on writing, rewriting and producing sketches for the stage.

Sketch 301 also includes a mandatory Tech Rehearsal before the final performance. Students must be available to attend the Tech Rehearsal

in order to participate in the show and pass the course. Please check to make sure that you available for the tech rehearsal before signing up for the course.

Students must bring a sketch to the FIRST session of class. This sketch should be no longer than four pages. This first sketch should be written utilizing the concept of the "Game of the Scene," taught in Sketch 101 and Sketch 201. Students should be prepared to devote time outside of class to completing new writing assignments for every session.

Students will be required to see two scripted shows at the UCB Theatre before the end of the course.

Class Size: 8 Students

Geoff Garlock, Teacher

Geoff Garlock is a writer/performer who has been studying/performing at UCB since 2002.

Geoff was a sketch writer on the UCBT Maude teams Neighbor Boy, Slow Burn, The Skuntz and one of the original UCB Maude Teams, iBadger. Geoff also wrote and performed in the horror based sketch show "I LAUGHED UNTIL I DIED"and co-wrote and starred in the show "Gettin' Quaid", both of which had successful runs at the UCB Theatre.

Geoff is also co-host of the fairly popular podcast "Worst Gig Ever" where he talks to comedians and musicians about all their terrible shows and lives....IT'S FUN!!!

When Geoff is not making the funny he is usually creating brutality in music form. Geoff Garlock played bass in the hardcore band Orchid and Vice Recording artists Panthers. He also played guitar in the metal band Dark Vibe and bass in the grindcore band The Year is One, and continues to alienate the world through music in the bands Ritual Mess and Low Estate.

When you lay out Geoff's life, it looks pretty good. Even though most days he feels like a glorified hobo


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