Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Training Center


Welcome! This page outlines the UCB Training Center Diversity Program, some recent changes, and upcoming events that might be of interest. It was updated June 15, 2015.

Our program coordinator is Keisha Zollar. The school manager is Erik Tanouye. The director of student affairs is Marissa Tunis.

Here is some information about the program:


We have monthly meet-ups where we talk about the comedy scene, improv and sketch classes, and diversity issues related to them. Stop by if you can, they are pretty informal.

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Practice Sessions

We have monthly free improv practice sessions for performers of all experience levels. They generally meet at the Training Center.

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Twice a year, we offer 90 scholarship credits to new and current UCB Training Center students.

The summer 2015 application windows is now closed.

The next application window will be open in December 2015.

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You do not need to apply for or receive a scholarship to participate in other elements of the Diversity Program.

Newsletter / Mailing List

We have an email newsletter that features news about the program, interviews with performers and students, calendars of upcoming shows and events. It will be a great way to find out about different aspects of the program.

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For more frequent updates, check out the Tumblr page: http://ucbdifference.tumblr.com/ or join the Facebook group "UCB Diversity Program & Friends"


For people who are curious about our goals, we're currently looking to increase our diversity of

  • race and ethnicity
  • sexual orientation and gender identification
  • people over 40
  • differently-abled performers
  • U.S. military service members or veterans
We've started collecting information about our current student population through surveys so we'll be able to keep track of any improvements we make, and also keep an eye on attrition rates.

If you have any questions, please Hope to see you around the theatre or Training Center. Introduce yourself if we haven't met!

Erik Tanouye
School Manager