Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Training Center

New York

  • Georgie Aldaco
    Georgie Aldaco is a comedy writer and performer living in NYC. She is currently a writer on the UCB Maude team (212), and was formerly a writer on the Maude teams Fambly, and Ripley.  Georgie is one fourth of the sketch/improv team, Former Business Partners, who's show Former Business Partners: Everything Must Go! had a 9 month run at UCB. She is also a member of Whale Thief, which... Read More
  • Anthony Atamanuik
    Anthony Atamanuik has been writing, performing, and producing comedy for over ten years. In 1997 he moved to Los Angeles after graduating with a BS in Film Theory from Emerson College. While living in LA Anthony worked for Jim Henson Interactive , Mr. Show, and sadly, Suzanne Somers. He moved to New York in 2000 and started training and performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in... Read More
  • Madalyn Baldanzi
    Madalyn Baldanzi is a comedy writer living in New York City. She currently writes for UCB Maude team Nipsey, and was formerly a writer for Fambly and Absolutely.  Madalyn also formerly wrote videos with UCB Digital Team LASH.  She is co-writer of the Above Average series "Katie: A Lady." Read More
  • Brandon Bassham
    Brandon has been at UCB since October 2006. He has studied under Chris Kula, Matt Besser, and Michael Delaney. He has been a member of the UCB house teams Choking Victim, 27 Kidneys, mixtape '98 and Gramp's. He was a member of the sketch group Black Habanero and is currently a member of Bobby Chicago. He has also written for UCBcomedy, College Humor, and Broadway Video. Brandon is an Inny... Read More
  • Stephanie Bencin
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  • Todd Bieber
    Todd writes, directs, edits, shoots, and/or produces videos - mostly comedy and documentary, or some combination of the two. He works in all stages of production at the Onion News Network and he makes videos for UCB Comedy Originals. His film work has been featured in a bunch of film festivals including Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, and AFI and some of his viral videos have been featured on the New... Read More
  • Caitlin Bitzegaio
    Caitlin Bitzegaio is a performer, writer, and director at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York who can be seen on Science's first scripted comedy Stuff You Should Know. Caitlin has performed and written for ESPN, MTV, The Science Channel, Funny or Die, PBS, RTE, GBTV, WetPaint.com, Landline TV, College Humor, and TheGLOC.net. Read More
  • Joanna Bradley
    Joanna is a writer and performer who lives and writes and performs in New York City, where she is a living performer/writer. She is proud to be on the Maude team BELLEVUE and the Saturday night team DEATH BY ROO ROO. Joanna is the writer and star of the solo show, I AM VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE, currently running at the UCB Theater, as well as her 2012 solo show, Everybody’s Dumb and Boring, which... Read More
  • Corey Brown
    Corey is a student, performer and instructor at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC. Corey started studying improv in 1997 while he lived in North Carolina. In 2006 he moved to NYC to study at the UCB where he took  classes with everyone he could find. Corey's past teams were Whorenado, Badman, Standard Oil and Still Mike. He loves to perform and continues to showcase himself any... Read More
  • Christine Bullen
    Christine performs monthly with CHARACTERS WELCOME and Maude Team GOODBYE HANDSOME, and her solo show MY MELONBASKET ran for eight months at UCB Chelsea. She has taken classes with Anthony Atamanuik, Jordan Klepper, Doug Moe, Eric Tanouye, Rachel Mason, Brandon Bassham, and David Siegel.  Read More
  • Aaron Burdette
    Aaron is a writer/performer who began studying at the UCBT in 2008. He was a writer on the theatre’s long-running weekend sketch team Stone Cold Fox, as well as the Maude teams Everything Rabbits, Chunk, Absolutely and One Idiot. He currently serves as head writer for the UCB Digital team Pocketwatch. Aaron also contributes to SNL Weekend Update and The Onion, and has written webseries for... Read More
  • Neil Casey
    Neil Casey has been performing at the UCB Theatre since 2001 and teaching since 2007. He has improvised in dozens of main stage shows at the UCB including Monkeydick, Instant Cinema, Death By Roo Roo, and ASSSSCAT. He also improvises as one quarter of Krompf and one half of the Two Man Movie and the shorter of the duo Casey & Woods. Neil has written and acted in many sketch shows over the... Read More
  • Damian Chadwick
    Damian Chadwick is a San Francisco native who lives in New York. He has written for four different UCB Maude teams, including the legendary Gramps. He performs regularly with the sci-fi improv group The Improvised Philip K. Dick and co-wrote the web series Janitors. He compiles false trivia about New York City at littleknownnyc.tumblr.com. You can monitor his emotional well being on twitter at... Read More
  • Patrick Clair
    Patrick Clair graduated from Vassar College where he performed with the poorly yet aptly named Improv, as well as the sketch group Happily Ever Laughter. He has studied at the UCB since 2006, under Joe Wengert, Charlie Sanders, Zach Woods, Michael Delaney, Anthony King and Charlie Todd. Around NYC he can be seen performing with independent teams Bad Data and Four Really Good Friends. At the... Read More
  • Chelsea Clarke
    Chelsea is a performer and teacher at UCB Theater. She is a native of New York, but spent a fair amount of time living in south Florida, as all New Yorkers must. You can see her performing improv every week on Saturday nights with The Curfew, and Monday nights with Improv Nerds. If you had a time machine, you could go back in time and see her perform with Bombardo, Tantrum, fwand, Bangs,... Read More
  • Caroline Cotter
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  • Eric Cunningham
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  • Michael Delaney
    Michael Delaney has been acting, writing and directing comedy in NYC for 20 years. He has taught at UCB since 1999 in improv and sketch comedy writing, and is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s film department. He is a founding member of The Swarm, The Stepfathers, and Delaney & Dave who won the 2006 Nightlife Award for best comedy group. Acting credits include The Other Guys, Big... Read More
  • Matt Dennie
    Matt has been studying at the UCB Theatre since 2009. He has had the privilege of working with some amazing teachers including Chris Gethard, Will Hines, Michael Delaney, Jordan Klepper, Brandon Gardner, Gavin Speiller, Kevin Hines, and many more. He is currently a performer on the Harold team Higgins, who also hosts the weekly Improv Jam. Along with Josh Sharp, he is a creator and host of the... Read More
  • Nate Dern
    Nate Dern has been doing improv since 2003, and has been doing so at UCB since 2007. He has studied with Bobby Moynihan, Charlie Todd, Armando Diaz, Michael Delaney, Zach Woods, Anthony King and many others. Nate performs Saturdays at 10pm at UCBeast with WHAT I DID FOR LOVE. Before moving to New York, Nate improvised with Alcock Improv at Cambridge University, where he got an MPhil in... Read More
  • Shaun Diston
    Shaun has been studying at the UCB Theater since 2008.  He has studied improv under Kevin Hines, Will Hines, Neil Casey, Zach Woods, Michael Delaney, Shannon O'Neill, Jordan Klepper, and Silvija Ozols, and many others.  Shaun is a former member of the Harold Teams Standard Oil and Still Mike. He's coached/directed various UCB house teams including Graceland and The Regulars.... Read More
  • Nicole Drespel
    Nicole has been studying at the UCB since 11:00 am on September 24th, 2007 and during that time has had many wonderful teachers. Nicole has appeared in performance workshops for The Time Capsule and Suck My Dick. She was previously a member of Harold teams Robber Baron and dybbuk and appeared in This is About Smith (written by Leila Cohan-Miccio, directed by Caitlin Bitzegaio). She is... Read More
  • James Dwyer
    James Dwyer is a comedian, writer and actor with some very Jersey roots currently living in New York. He got his start in comedy at UCB taking classes in 2008 where he has studied under Will Hines, Charlie Todd, Zach Woods, Betsy Stover, Silvija Ozols, Shannon O'Neill, Michael Delaney, Andy Secunda, Neil Casey, Dyna Moe, and Becky Drysdale among others. He has previously improvised on Harold... Read More
  • Colin Elzie
    Colin Elzie is currently a writer on the Maude Team Fambly.  He also co-wrote and co-stars in The Honeymen Present: A Salute to Honey! along with fellow Fambly members Pat O'Brien and Ben Wietmarschen.  These three men are also responsible for the Channel 101 series My Dad The Girl Bike. Colin has studied at the UCB since 2010 under the likes of Craig Rowin, Michael Delaney, Chris Kelley,... Read More
  • Brian Faas
    Brian Faas has been a resident performer at UCB since 2006, and currently improvises on Friday nights with The Law Firm. On the UCB stage, he's a regular in Sketch Cram!, Hot For Teacher, and Ass Wednesday; you may have also seen him in past shows such as The Same-Sextacular!, Killgore, or Harold Night. On TV, Brian has appeared on Fuse, Comedy Central, MTV, Logo, Bravo, and VH1 -- where he... Read More
  • Don Fanelli
    Don has been performing at the UCB Theatre since 2010 and currently performs with The Stepfathers every Friday night. Previously he performed on Harold Night with many teams, including Sandino and Salmon Diane, and acted on Maude Night with Gramps and Dinner. He also often performed around the country with the UCB Touring Company. He currently still performs with indie teams Fuck That Shit (A... Read More
  • Alex French
    Alex is a writer and performer originally from Cincinnati, who has studied sketch and improv at UCB since 2009 under Michael Delaney, Neil Casey, Shannon O'Neill, Kevin Hines, Will Hines, and Anthony Atamanuik, among others.  Formerly a member of  Harold and Lloyd teams Spooky Ghost, Bloody Mary, and Big Margaret, Alex can currently be seen improvising on Harold Night and hosting the Improv... Read More
  • Frank Garcia-Hejl
    Frank Garcia-Hejl is a performer on the UCBT-East Village weekend house team Bucky and a writer and actor on the sketch team Onassis [onassiscomedy.tumblr.com], winner of the 2011 Friars Club Improv and Sketch Competition. He is also a writer/actor for the new Broadway Video, Horatio Sanz & Fred Armisen latino internet channel, Más Mejor. He has studied and performed at UCBT since 2007 and has... Read More
  • Brandon Gardner
    Brandon is a writer, performer, director and teacher at the UCB Theater in NY. A native of Saranac Lake, NY, Brandon graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in Theatre and performed with the improv/sketch comedy group, "The Pappy Parker Players." Brandon is a member of the UCB TourCo All-Stars with whom he performs and teaches workshops across the country. When he isn't touring... Read More
  • Geoff Garlock
    Geoff Garlock is a writer/performer who has been studying/performing at UCB since 2002. Geoff was a sketch writer on the UCBT Maude teams Neighbor Boy, Slow Burn, The Skuntz and one of the original UCB Maude Teams, iBadger. Geoff also wrote and performed in the horror based sketch show "I LAUGHED UNTIL I DIED"and co-wrote and starred in the show "Gettin' Quaid", both of which had successful... Read More
  • Evan Greenspoon
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  • Laura Grey
    Laura Grey came to UCB via Chicago where she wrote and performed two original revues at The Second City, improvised at places like iO and The Annoyance Theaters, and acted in a bunch of plays. She performed and co-devised the all silent revue Reverie directed by Dexter Bullard for the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, and before that she traveled with the ferocious three-woman sketch troupe... Read More
  • Karin Hammerberg
    Karin has been doing improv since 2001. She started doing improv in high school under the tutelage of Second City in Chicago. Karin continued to do improv and comedy at The George Washington University with receSs. After graduating college Karin became an ensemble member and teacher at Washington Improv Theater in DC. In 2010, Karin moved to New York and started taking classes at UCB. Karin... Read More
  • Lydia Hensler
    Lydia Hensler is a Performer, Writer, and Teacher at UCB. Her instructors have included Will Hines, Owen Burke, Chris Gethard, Michael Delaney, Anthony King, Joe Wengart, Shannon O'Neil, Christina Gauses, and Curtis Gwinn. Lydia is currently on the Harold Team Grandma's Ashes. Previous teams include the long running Harold team Bastian, and the indie team Big Tobacco, who's show True Hollywood... Read More
  • Kevin Hines
    Kevin Hines has studied and performed at the UCBT since 2000. In that time he has learned from teachers like Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Armando Diaz, Peter Gwinn, John Lutz, and TJ & Dave. Kevin can be seen performing with the UCB house team, The Curfew or with his brother in The Brothers Hines. Before all that he graduated from Cornell University where he wrote for the... Read More
  • Dan Hodapp
    Dan Hodapp is an improv and sketch performer at the UCB Theater in NY. He performs on the Harold team Grammer and the Maude team Beige.  Dan is a former performer and faculty member of the Washington Improv Theater in Washington, DC and has led corporate improv workshops across the country. He is the co-host of the improvised one act play show The Scene and half of the improv duo Hodapp &... Read More
  • Aaron Jackson
    Aaron is a writer and performer at the UCB Theatre. He currently performs with What I Did For Love every Saturday night. Other UCB credits include Harold Night, Maude Night, and the sketch show he co-wrote, 'Erik Dies, You're Stupid and We Hate You.' Aaron is also a member of the UCB Touring Company.  Read More
  • Morgan Grace Jarrett
    Morgan has been a performer at UCB Theatre since 2008.  She has studied under, Joe Wengert, Micheal Delaney, Bobby Moynihan and Chris Gethard.  She was an original member of HAROLD Teams Ragnarock and American Cousin and can now be seen every Saturday with Grandma's Ashes.  Morgan was also a member of the Indie Improv Teams Oprhan Tycoon and Harry & Conrad.  Other UCB shows include, OMG, I... Read More
  • Jackie Jennings
    Jackie is a writer/ performer and UCB teacher based in New York. At UCB she's currently a proud member of Harold team Smalls and writer for Late Night with Anthony Apruzzese. Jackie also hosts the long-running School Night at UCB Chelsea. Jackie is the creator and star of the popular, webseries Neighbors which you can find on her website below. She appears on The Chris Gethard Show as one... Read More
  • Dru Johnston
    Dru Johnston is a performer, writer and improvisor at UCB as well as a head writer for the Chris Gethard Show currently on MNN networks. As an improvisor he performs on Grandma's Ashes every Saturday night and was a member of Harold Team Sandino, and as a sketch writer and performer he has appeared in numerous Maude teams and can now be seen on the Maude Team Bellevue as well as in his Billy... Read More
  • Brandon Scott Jones
    Brandon performs every Friday at the UCB Theatre with the sketch group Stone Cold Fox. He improvises on the Harold Team Grandma's Ashes and plays venues across the country as a member of the UCB Touring Company. He is also currently appearing in This is Not a Sketch Show: A Sketch Show. Additionally, Brandon co-hosts the weekly comedy/variety show GENTRIFY at the UCBeast. Other UCB credits... Read More
  • Casey Jost
    Casey Jost is an actor and writer. His writing/producing credits include NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, TruTv’s Impractical Jokers / Joker’s Wild, Fuse’s Billy On The Street, and the E! Network's The Fabulist. As an actor, he’s been featured on Hulu's Deadbeat, in several Comedy Central branded-content pieces, a panelist on various talk shows, and in a “yet to be titled” Paramount motion... Read More
  • Ryan Karels
    Ryan Karels is the representative comedian for all of North Dakota (Huffington Post, 2011).  He is a member of Grandma's Ashes and played on Harold Night with Decoster, Creep and Filth. He is one of KROMPF. Past shows at the UCB include RADIO ROGUE, THE OL' FACTORY, INTELLECTUAL YOGA, YOUR FAVORITE THING, AFTER SCHOOL SUPER POWER HOUR and THEATRE ROBOT MAGIKA. He directed NEIL CASEY'S... Read More
  • Langan Kingsley
    Langan Kingsley has been at UCB since 2008 and has studied improv and sketch under folks like: Erik Tanouye, Neil Casey, Gavin Speiller, Doug Moe, Zach Woods, Shannon O'Neill, Michael Delaney, Anthony Atamanuik, Charlie Sanders, Chris Gethard, and Will Hines. She's performed on the Harold teams CAPTCHA, Dance Break, The Pox, and Salmon Diane. She currently performs improv with What I Did For... Read More
  • Matt Klinman
    Matt Klinman is a writer, performer and director living in New York City. Matt is a writer and director for Onion Digital Studios, directs the monthly UCB East show Sketch Cram and UCB Beta Team The Punch, and is on the UCB Harold Team Big Margaret. Matt was previously a staff writer for The Onion News Network and a contributing writer for The Onion News Network on IFC, Onion Sportsdome on... Read More
  • Jodi Lennon
    Jodi Lennon is an alumna of Chicago's Second City, a member of The Annoyance Theatre, and a performer at IO. Jodi studied with Del Close, Mick Napier, Martin deMaat, David Pasquesi and others. As a member of The Annoyance Theatre, Lennon was a collaborator and performer in numerous plays and musicals including, Manson: The Musical, Co-ED Prison Sluts and Screw Puppies. She moved to New York... Read More
  • Molly Lloyd
    Molly is an NYC-based actor, currently performing with UCB house teams Stone Cold Fox (Friday nights @ 7:30 pm at UCB Chelsea) and Airwolf (Saturday nights @ 8:30 pm at UCB East). She co-stars in the feature film "My Best Day" (Sundance Film Festival 2012), in the short film "Dear Dog, I Love You" (Palm Springs Int'l Short Film Fest 2013), and has appeared on "Delocated" (Adult Swim/ Cartoon... Read More
  • Tim Martin
    Tim Martin is a performer and writer based in New York.  He performs improv with the Harold team Badman and acts in the popular sketch shows Beneath Gristedes and the ECNY-nominated High School Talent Show.  He also appeared in the widely reviled Miscreant Theater Company production of Chekhov's Ivanov, and his voice can heard in the characters of Ronin Dojo Community College DX.  He is... Read More
  • Carrie McCrossen
    Carrie is an actor/writer/comedian. She performs at UCB with her Harold team, Women & Men and her Maude team, One Idiot. Her writing has appeared on NickMom.com and iVillage.com, as well as on the UCB stage. She has a background in theater, (comedy's humorless cousin,) having trained at Fordham University and many other cool places. She has worked as a teaching artist for almost a decade.... Read More
  • Doug Moe
    Doug Moe is a comedic actor based out of the UCB Theatre since 1998. He is a member of legendary improv team MOTHER (2008 ECNY Winner, Best Improv Group), which had an unprecedented 7-year run at the UCB Theatre. He is a long-time member of the teaching faculty at UCB. His latest one-person show DOUG MOE IS A BAD DAD (“Well written, well directed and well paced, this show was an all around... Read More
  • Matt Moskovciak
    Matt Moskovciak is currently a staff writer at Above Average, the online video platform of Broadway Video. He was a writer on Maude Night for over four years, including writing for Bellevue's “Seinfeld: The Leaning Susan", which is currently running at the theater. He also co-wrote “This Is Not A Sketch Show: A Sketch Show", which Time Out NY gave a 4-star review saying “the real star here is... Read More
  • Cathryn Mudon
    Cathryn Mudon (myoo-don like music) is an actor and improviser in NYC.  She began studying at UCB in 2007 with Bobby Moynihan and has also studied with Zach Woods, Chris Gethard, Rebecca Drysdale, and Neil Casey. Cathryn is a proud member of the Harold team, Higgins, who also host The Jam at UCBeast.  Additionally, she has been a member of UCB teams: Bellevue, Guthrie, Big Margaret,... Read More
  • Brennan Mulligan
    Brennan Lee Mulligan is an improviser, writer and actor hailing from the mean streets of the Hudson Valley and the verdant forests of Hell's Kitchen. He is the writer of the web comic "Strong Female Protagonist", which was listed as one of i09's Top Ten Best New and Short Webcomics of 2012. He has appeared in videos for College Humor, Comedy Central, and received an Excellence in Performance... Read More
  • John Murray
    John Murray started studying with the UCB in 2004. He currently is a member of the UCB House Team Death By Roo Roo and can be seen performing with them every Saturday night. John is also member of the UCB Touring Company that performs improv in different venues across the country. He is a former member of the UCB Harold Team, Bastian, which as of November 2009 became the longest running Harold... Read More
  • Patrick Noth
    Patrick Noth is a performer, writer and composer in New York City. Writing/Performance credits include an Emmy nomination for his work on the cartoon series Pale Force, a recurring sketch on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. He's currently working on a pilot for Nick.com and just wrapped on a web series he wrote and starred in for MTV. Patrick is thrilled to be performing on Harold Night and... Read More
  • Shannon O'Neill
    Shannon O'Neill is the Artistic Director of UCB Theatre NY. She has been a writer, performer & teacher for over 14 years. You can see her improvise on Friday nights with The Stepfathers and Sunday's in Asssscat 3000.  She's okay at twitter @spotastic Read More
  • Silvija Ozols
    Silvija has studied and performed at the UCB Theatre since 2002 and currently performs with The Stepfathers on Friday nights. Her other UCB improv credits include the Harold team Creep, the long-running improvised-movie show Instant Cinema, and stints with the UCB Touring Company. She has studied with Billy Merritt, Michael Delaney, Ian Roberts, Matt Besser, Peter Gwinn, Sean Conroy, and Bob... Read More
  • Josh Patten
    Josh Patten has performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since 2008, and can currently be seen every Saturday Night at UCB Chelsea with Grandma's Ashes and here and there with Fuck That Shit (A Comedy Team). Josh began studying and performing improv in 2005 with Washington Improv Theater in D.C. He has trained at the UCB since 2007, under the outstanding nonet of Charlie Todd, Shannon... Read More
  • Zack Phillips
    Zack Phillips is a writer for UCB Digital, a performer on UCB's Harold Night and wrote for UCB house sketch and video teams for six years. Elsewhere, Zack's a contributor to the Onion's clickbait parody Clickhole, and wrote the web series "Laurie" for IFC. Other writing credits include: Impractical Jokers; the Onion sports show GOOMF; "Good Dads" (a 2013 NY Television Festival sitcom pilot);... Read More
  • Joey Price
    Joey is a performer at UCB and can currently be seen on Harold Night and Everyone's Favorite Game Show. He is originally from San Diego and began his comedy career in San Francisco as a writer, director and producer. He also taught improv and musical theatre in San Francisco elementary schools. At UCB, Joey has studied under Kevin Hines, Shannon O'Neill, Chelsea Clarke and Lydia Hensler. Read More
  • Ben Rameaka
    Ben Rameaka is an  improviser, actor and voice over artist. He performs on the UCB house team Airwolf every Saturday night at the UCB East.  He plays James Whippy in Amazon.com's original show "Alpha House." Read More
  • Kate Riley
    A student at the UCB since 2008, Kate has studied under Porter Mason, Kevin Hines, Anthony Atamanuik, Shannon O'Neill, Will Hines, and Chris Gethard. She is a super proud member of the Harold team Sandino!! On the UCBNY stage, she has performed in THE BACHELOR: Romance, Roses, and Romance, The Sit Down and Shut Up Variety Hour, Killgore 2010: The New Blood, and with former Harold Team Scootch.... Read More
  • Natasha Rothwell
    Natasha Rothwell is a comedy performer, writer and director living and working in New York. This sometimes worries her mother. Natasha is a Creative and Performing Arts Scholar and graduate of the University of Maryland theater program and has performed at The Kennedy Center, Studio Theatre, Olney Theatre, and Arena Stage. After moving to New York, she studied at The Peoples Improv Theater... Read More
  • Johnna Scrabis
    Johnna is an improviser and writer originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (home of the philly cheese-steak). She is thrilled to be one eighth of the Harold team Slamball, which you can catch Tuesdays at UCB Chelsea, as well as a writer and performer for Everyone's Favorite Game Show at UCB's East Village Theatre. For more salacious details visit johnnascrabis.com Read More
  • David Siegel
    David has been studying and performing at the UCB Theatre since 2006. He is an alumnus of Harold Night, having performed with numerous UCB house teams over the years, including "Tantrum," "Whorenado," "Badman," and "Greg." He was also an original cast member in the improvised political satire show "The Spin" which had a successful run at UCB. David has studied with Michael Delaney, Anthony... Read More
  • Gavin Speiller
    Gavin has been writing, performing and directing shows at the UCB Theatre since 2002.  He 's studied under a number of fantastic teachers including Ian Roberts, Michael Delaney, Billy Merritt and Kevin Mullaney. Gavin currently performs improv with the UCB house team 1985 as well as improv and sketch with the independent group Rogue Elephant.  He can also be seen in a number of video projects,... Read More
  • Achilles Stamatelaky
    Achilles Stamatelaky is a comedy writer and performer in New York City. He is currently a writer for Comedy Central's hit series Broad City. Achilles has been writing and performing improv and sketch comedy at The UCB Theatre for a decade. He improvises weekly with his group Airwolf, which performs at UCB's East Village Theatre every Saturday at 8:30 PM. Previous shows and house teams... Read More
  • Abra Tabak
    Abra is an actress and teacher at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She began studying at UCB in 2006 and has since performed on the Harold team, Bastian, and in the improvised soap opera "As the Diamond Burns." She also performed on the UCB sketch team, Dweeb, and in "Brad Sacks Gets A Handjob." She currently improvises every Saturday night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with... Read More
  • Erik Tanouye
    Erik Tanouye has been improvising and performing in New York since 2001. He has studied with Michael Delaney, Armando Diaz, Kevin Mullaney, Billy Merritt, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, and many others. Erik Tanouye improvises with The Curfew, writes for the Maude Team Dinner and co-wrote the "BP Spills Coffee" video. As an improviser, he has performed at Harold night for seven years as a member... Read More
  • Melinda Taub
    Melinda Taub is a writer and stuff in New York City. As a proud member of UCB Beta team Diamonds, Wow! she writes videos for ucbcomedy.com. As a freelance writer, her work can be seen around the internet, including The Onion. She is big in the Netherlands. Read More
  • John Timothy
    You can see John every Saturday at UCB with The Curfew. Past work at the UCB includes the Harold teams Sandino, Namaste, and A Sparrow, along with his Beta Team Horse + Horse. He has trained at the UCB since 2006 with the likes of Betsy Stover, Neil Casey, Doug Moe, Porter Mason, Dyna Moe, Jeff Hiller, Jordan Klepper, and Will Hines. A graduate of Amherst College, he spent his most formative... Read More
  • Charlie Todd
    Charlie Todd has been performing, directing, and teaching comedy at the UCB Theatre since 2001. He has studied improv under UCB founders Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh, among others. Charlie is the founder of the notorious prank collective Improv Everywhere, and his book, Causing a Scene, details his experiences with the group. Improv Everywhere's videos have been viewed over 300... Read More
  • Michael Trapp
    Mike Trapp is a writer for the UCB sketch group Stone Cold Fox. He has been at the UCB Theater since 2008, studying improv and sketch under Erik Tanouye, Neil Casey, Kevin Hines, Doug Moe, Gavin Speiller, and Dominic Dierkes. In addition to his work on Maude Night, he acts as head writer for the UCB Comedy’s blackout series, and has written for the shows "Neil Casey's Sentimental Irish... Read More
  • Natasha Vaynblat
    Natasha has performed on Lloyd Night with Graceland and on Harold Night with Surfing, Guthrie, and Namaste. She currently performs on the weekend at UCB EAST with WHAT I DID FOR LOVE. Natasha also currently performs as a writer/actor on Maude Night with Nipsey and has previously performed with ABSOLUTELY and CHUNK. She coaches regularly and has taken classes with Ryan Karels, Gavin Speiller,... Read More
  • Ben Wietmarschen
    Ben Wietmarschen (pronounced like wheat-martian), is a comedy writer, performer, and improviser living in Brooklyn, NY. He has served as a writer for the UCB Maude team, FAMBLY and has served as director for non-Fambly Maude teams. He also co-wrote and co-stars in the UCB show "The Honeymen Present: A Salute to Honey!" with his comedy partners and fellow HONEYMEN: Pat O'Brien and Colin Elzie.... Read More
  • Zack Willis
    Zack Willis has been a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City since 2011. He performs on Harold Night and the Touring Company. He is originally from Scarsdale, New York and graduated from Emerson with a BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing. Lately he has been really good at taking care of his plants. Read More
  • Terry Withers
    Terry began studying long form improv at the UCB in early 2007 where he has been lucky enough to train under such luminaries as Zach Woods, Joe Wengert, Charlie Todd, Erik Tanouye, Anthony King, Will Hines, Michael Delaney, Chris Gethard and Neil Casey. Terry is proud of the five harold teams he has performed on, Robber Baron, Standard Oil, Still Mike, Sandino and Sherlock & Cookies.  He is an... Read More
  • Keisha Zollar
    Keisha Zollar is a performer at the UCB with her improv teams Doppelgänger and Lloyd team HOOPS and hosts the variety show The Soul Glo Project .  Ms. Keisha comes to NYC from California where she received a BA in Theatre from UCSD and moved to NYC in 2002 to attend graduate school at The Actors Studio at the New School.  Keisha earned her MFA in Acting circa 2005 and began taking classes at... Read More