Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Training Center

Nate Dern

Nate Dern has been doing improv since 2003, and has been doing so at UCB since 2007. He has studied with Bobby Moynihan, Charlie Todd, Armando Diaz, Michael Delaney, Zach Woods, Anthony King and many others.

Nate performs Saturdays at 10pm at UCBeast with WHAT I DID FOR LOVE.

Before moving to New York, Nate improvised with Alcock Improv at Cambridge University, where he got an MPhil in screen media, and with The Immediate Gratification Players at Harvard College, where he graduated magna cum laude with a degree in social anthropology.

Nate has teaching experience at the middle school, high school and collegiate levels.

He is currently the Artistic Director of the UCB Theatre in New York.

This teacher does not have any courses open for registration at this time.