Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Training Center

Porter Mason

Porter Mason has been performing improv since 1997 and has been performing at the UCBT since 2000.   He was a founding member of Duke University Improv, and went on to teach beginner and advanced level improv classes at the DSI Theater in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, as well as workshops at Duke University.

Porter began performing and directing at the UCBT in 2000, and has been involved in a variety of shows and groups, including My Kickass Van, Arsenal, B-Roll, and Anydayville.  He currently performs with the Harold team, 1985, and a three-man group, T.J. Monkey's.  Over the years, he's trained with a variety of great teachers, including Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Paul Scheer, Kevin Mullaney, Armando Diaz, Miles Stroth, Mick Napier and T.J. Jagodowski.

Porter's comic strip, "Bassist Wanted", appears in weekly newspapers across the country and online at http://bassistwanted.com.  Porter is happy to have made your acquaintance.

This teacher does not have any courses open for registration at this time.