NY Courses



Here's what to expect:

  • Classes sell out very quickly, sometimes less than a minute, depending on the level and time slot.
  • We do not maintain wait lists for sold out classes.
  • Classes are posted 1-8 weeks ahead of time.
  • Classes are announced on Twitter @UCBClassesNYC
  • You can sign up for email notifications about upcoming classes at dashboard.ucbcomedy.com
  • We offer classes morning, afternoon and evenings 7 days a week.
  • More answers can be found in the frequently asked questions section.

Improv 101 through Improv 401 make up our core Improv Program. In these courses you will learn how to improvise game-based comedic scenes and the Long Form structure known as the "Harold".

The Improv Advanced Study Program is open to all students who pass Improv 401 and wish to continue taking classes. The program offers a wide variety of classes including ones on specific aspects of improv, drilling the Harold, and different forms.

Sketch 101 through Sketch 301 make up our core Sketch Program. In these courses you will learn to write sketches in a variety of formats, working alone or with others while focusing on finding the "game" of your sketches.

Successful completion of Sketch 301 allows you to apply for our Advanced Study program. For information on how to apply for the Advanced Study Sketch program go here.

The UCB Academy is a 2 year Program designed for students who have completed the core curriculum, are ready for a more committed study of improvisation and are ready to perform at a high level. Each course in the UCB Academy is instructor-driven with a specialized focus.

This program is for improv only. Students must successfully audition or be on a UCB House Team to take courses in the UCB Academy.

For more information on the UCB Academy and how to audition for the program go here.

We offer elective courses each with a special focus. These courses include: writing and performing characters, musical improv, storytelling, sitcom spec writing, casting workshops, etc.

This program offers online courses in a variety of topics and fields taught by industry professionals with years of experience