Del Close Marathon Workshop Wednesday 7-10pm

Del Close Marathon Workshop: Special Marathon Workshop

Prerequisites May require previous UCB class experience. See course description below for details.
Scheduled Wednesday 7-10pm
Start Date Jun 27, 2018, 7:00pm
Price $55
Class Size 12 students
Sessions 1 session, 3 hours
Prerequisite: Open to anyone.

Financial Planning for Entertainers with Dylan Snowden

Just because you’re not a Gosling, Streep or a Markle doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life and work in entertainment. Learn how other entertainers manage their finances by building a budget, saving for retirement and creating short and long term financial goals. The workshop is for folks who have day jobs and for people living paycheck to paycheck in acting, writing, editing and other creative fields. Don’t worry, you’ll keep your personal info to yourself. We’ll spend our time practicing strategies that are relevant to everyone, regardless of how much money you have.

This isn't an improv class. Or a sketch class. It's a financial planning class. 

Dylan Snowden, teacher

Dylan Snowden Dylan Snowden is a sketch teacher at the UCBLA Training Center. He’s written for several UCB Maude teams, both in New York and Los Angeles. Most recently he worked for the TV show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire." where he wrote far too many questions about his hometown of Sacramento.

He teaches writers, performers, artists, and others in the “gig economy” how to manage their finances.

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