Del Close Marathon Workshop Thursday 3-6pm

Del Close Marathon Workshop: Special Marathon Workshop

Prerequisites May require previous UCB class experience. See course description below for details.
Scheduled Thursday 3-6pm
Start Date Jun 28, 2018, 3:00pm
Price $55
Class Size 16 students
Sessions 1 session, 3 hours
Prerequisite: Completed or currently enrolled in Improv 201 or out-of town performer.*

SPECIAL DCM WORKSHOP: Agree To Disagree with Terry Withers

This workshop will look at times when it is best to Yes And by saying no.  We'll look at base realities that could include disagreement, voice of reason-ing unusual points of view and more.

* You must be listed on the DCM website as a performer in a group from out of town to enroll.  The registrar will check for your name and if you are not listed when you enroll, you will be removed from the workshop and lose $55.

Terry Brian Withers, teacher

Terry Brian Withers Terry Withers is proud to be a member of the UCB Harold team Robber Baron. He began studying long form improv at the UCB in early 2007 where he has been lucky enough to train under such luminaries as Zach Woods, Joe Wengert, Charlie Todd, Erik Tanouye, Anthony King, Will Hines and Michael Delaney. Terry has also studied with Armando Diaz and owes a lot to coaches Kevin Hines and Russ Armstrong who have left their indelible imprint on him. Outside of The UCB Terry performs frequently with the ill-mannered, indie improv team, SMIRK.

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