Del Close Marathon Workshop Friday 1-4pm

Del Close Marathon Workshop: Special Marathon Workshop

Prerequisites May require previous UCB class experience. See course description below for details.
Scheduled Friday 1-4pm
Start Date Jun 29, 2018, 1:00pm
Price $55
Class Size 16 students
Sessions 1 session, 3 hours
Prerequisite: Completed or currently enrolled in Improv 201 or out-of town performer.*

SPECIAL DCM WORKSHOP: Perfect First Beats with Jonny Svarzbein

In this workshop, we go over everything you need in your First Beats to set your show up for success. Initiations, labeling, justification, resting: Let's simplify everything and make your First Beats perfect!

* You must be listed on the DCM website as a performer in a group from out of town to enroll.  The registrar will check for your name and if you are not listed when you enroll, you will be removed from the workshop and lose $55.

Jonny Svarzbein, teacher

Jonny Svarzbein Jonny Svarzbein is a performer, host, writer and teacher who was born in El Paso, TX. After graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Music Education and as a member of the improv/sketch group Comedy Corner, Jonny began studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC and LA where he has studied under Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, Matt Besser and pretty much every teacher at UCBT-LA and is now himself a teacher at UCB.

UCB credits include Teacher's Lounge, Fuckable presents: Q&A, the Harold teams Mister Town City, 8 Babies and Landlord, the graduated Maude team Bonafide, Tournament of Nerds, hosting The Cagematch and many, many more shows.

On TV, Jonny has appeared on Jimmy Kimmy Live, NBC's Superstore, TruTV's Adam Ruins Everything and many national commercials.

Jonny is also a member of the writing team The Guys from The Internet, whose sketches have been featured on VH1, College Humor, San Francisco Sketchfest,, and Funny or Die.

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