Del Close Marathon Workshop Friday 1-4pm

Del Close Marathon Workshop: Special Marathon Workshop

Prerequisites May require previous UCB class experience. See course description below for details.
Scheduled Friday 1-4pm
Start Date Jun 29, 2018, 1:00pm
Price $55
Class Size 16 students
Sessions 1 session, 3 hours
Prerequisite: Completed or currently enrolled in Improv 201 or out-of town performer.*

SPECIAL DCM WORKSHOP: Better Walk Ons with Carrie McCrossen

This workshop is geared toward strengthening/clarifying your walk-ons and support moves. We will work on identifying the game clearly and finding ways to make game moves through support. "Walk on, walk on, what you got they can't steal it, no they can't even feel it." -U2

* You must be listed on the DCM website as a performer in a group from out of town to enroll.  The registrar will check for your name and if you are not listed when you enroll, you will be removed from the workshop and lose $55.

Carrie McCrossen, teacher

Carrie McCrossen Carrie is a New York-based actor and comedian. She has performed with The Pearl Theatre Company, and at Joe's Pub, LPR, Ars Nova. Regionally she has appeared at The Depot, Oberon (ART,) and Geva Theatre. She holds a BA in Theater from Fordham University.

Carrie's show All in Favor, which she wrote and also performs in, is currently running at UCB.
Her solo show, MILP: Moms I'd Like to Portray, ran at the UCBT in 2016. Carrie also performs improv every Friday night with her team, Bucky, and is a member of the house musical improv team, Rumpleteaser. Previous UCB credits include Women & Men (Harold,) GoodGirl (Harold,) Huxtable, (Lloyd) and Chunk, Ripley, One Idiot (Maude,) 1770-Something, Baseball is America and the UCBT ten-minute plays.

Carrie has appeared in videos for Funny or Die, TV Land, Above Average, College Humor, MTV, NatGeo, UCB Comedy, YES Network, MLB and FLAMA. She was the longtime host of Comcast Xfinity's On-Demand Channel. Carrie has also written and produced digital content for CH2, NickMom and Her pilot Subscribe Now, is a finalist for Nantucket Film Festival's Showtime Tony Cox award and a semi-finalist for Series Fest.

At any given moment, Carrie is probably carrying more than one tote bag.

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