Academy Improv Tuesdays 6:45-9:45pm

Academy Improv: Forms and Scenework

Prerequisites Accepted into the UCB Academy
Scheduled Tuesdays 6:45-9:45pm
Start Date Jan 8, 2019, 6:45pm
Price $450
Class Size 16 students
Sessions 8 sessions, 3 hours each
Performances Feb 16, 2019, 4:45pm
Feb 27, 2019, 6:30pm
Each academy class course is instructor-driven. Students will study Long Form improv at a high level and will receive in-depth personal feedback about their own performance and progress as improvisers. Please read below for the specific focus of this course.
Hyper Realism

In this class we will focus on grounded, realistic play where moves need to meet the standard of "could that happen in real life?" By making our scenes look more 'usual' it will help the 'unusual' thing stick out clearly. We'll be able to see the subtle humor in life- things that our audience will connect with on a personal level instead of the big, over the top stuff. This will be more "Seinfeld" or "Curb" and less "Family Guy"

Be prepared to do homework for this class in the form of memorization and show and tell presentations. 

Students must be approved for Academy level classes to apply for a spot in this class. Students will be selected from all qualified applicants with a randomizing tool. 

For information on the Academy program, see this page:
If you are interested in taking this class, please enter your email address in the form linked at right. 

You have until Sunday December 9 at 11:59pm to submit. Students who get a spot in the class will be notified December 10. (Please enter the email address you use to sign up for classes.) 

Note: First performance is on Presidents Day weekend.

Zack Willis, teacher

Zack Willis Zack Willis grew up in Westchester County, NY. He graduated from Emerson College in Boston and has been performing at UCB since 2011. He has been teaching there since 2014.

He currently performs in NYC on Saturday nights with his team, Women & Men. He performs regularly with Rumpleteaser, UCB's musical improv team. He also performs around the country with UCB TourCo.

Zack's writing has appeared on Funny Or Die and The Onion Video.

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