Academy Harold Sundays 3-6pm

Academy Harold: Further Study of the Harold

Prerequisites Accepted into the UCB Academy
Scheduled Sundays 3-6pm
Start Date Jun 30, 2019, 3:00pm
Price $450
Class Size 16 students
Sessions 8 sessions, 3 hours each
Performances Jul 27, 2019, 5:00pm
Aug 23, 2019, 6:00pm
Each academy class is instructor-driven. Students will get to study the Harold and related performance pieces at a high level and will receive in-depth personal feedback about their own performance and progress as improvisers.

Lean Harolds 

Improv isn’t a chore. Instead of thinking so hard and doing so much work, we will learn how to start with less and make what we do matter more. Simple choices done simply will yield outstanding results. Free yourself from fights, bickering and unnecessary complications and get back to why you started improv in the first place: the fun!

John William Timothy, teacher

John William Timothy John is currently a member of improv team The Curfew. His previous teams include Namaste, A Sparrow, Sandino, and the UCBComedy Beta Team Horse + Horse. He has trained at the UCB since 2006 with the likes of Betsy Stover, Neil Casey, Doug Moe, Porter Mason, Dyna Moe, Jeff Hiller, and Jordan Klepper. John's favorite UCB moment was probably the time he was playing Hurley in The Dharma Initiative Company Picnic and almost choked to death on his wig. Check him out at

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