Improv Elective Monday 7-10pm

Improv Elective: Special Improv Class

Prerequisites Must have previous UCBT class experience. See course description below for details.
Scheduled Monday 7-10pm
Start Date Dec 3, 2018, 6:45pm
Price $45
Class Size 16 students
Sessions 1 session, 3 hours

The Monoscene

Get a crash course in performing The Monoscene, learning how to make your monoscene sets shine.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Improv 201

Note: Meets during Hanukkah.

Ben Rameaka, teacher

Ben Rameaka is an improviser, actor and voice over artist. He co-hosts UCB's Teacher Feature every Wednesday night and performs on the UCB house team Airwolf every Saturday night. He played James Whippy in's "Alpha House" and "Stratton Broker #6" in Martin Scorcese's Wolf Of Wall Street.

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