Pilot Writing - ONLINE Sundays noon-3pm PT/3-6pm ET

Pilot Writing - ONLINE:

Prerequisites none
Scheduled Sundays noon-3pm PT/3-6pm ET
Start Date Feb 21, 2021, 12:00pm
Price $425
Class Size 10 students
Sessions 8 sessions, 3 hours each

Pilot Writing

In this course, you will take an idea from a
pitch all the way to a polished draft, getting feedback at each step as
you go through this tough but really rewarding process. We'll talk
about elements of a strong pilot concept, character creation, outline
structure, and how to write dialogue that sounds like it comes from a
human. And we'll do it in a supportive workshop environment where you'll
be giving feedback on other projects as you work on your own.

Students should have access to a computer and stable, robust internet access, webcam & microphone. 

There is work outside of class, preparing sketches for presentation in every class and viewing sketch videos. This online course uses Google Classroom and Google Meet programs to conduct live sessions with your instructor and fellow students.

Please check to see if you have the compatibility requirements for utilizing these
programs before registering:



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Kevin Pedersen, teacher

Kevin Pedersen Kevin was on a UCB Harold Team for 4 years and was also a member of three Maude teams, a co-director of Sketch Cram, and the host and producer of the movie-themed variety show "Spoilers Revealed". Other credits at UCB include improvising with "Coming Clean" and written work for Quick 'n Dirty Musicals and the sketch group Thirty:30. Outside of UCB, writing credits include "My Knight And Me," "Popzilla," "HubWorld," "Word Girl," "Bob and Doug," and the Onion. Kevin is currently the Head Writer for the animated show "Talking Tom And Friends," now streaming on Netflix and YouTube and several worldwide video platforms he doesn't really know much about. 

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