Writing for TV Level 1 - ONLINE ONLINE Saturdays 12-3pm PT/3-6pm ET

Writing for TV Level 1 - ONLINE: In this class students will write a spec script for an existing show.

Prerequisites None
Scheduled ONLINE Saturdays 12-3pm PT/3-6pm ET
Start Date Dec 4, 2021, 12:00pm
Price $450
Class Size 10 students
Sessions 9 sessions, 3 hours each

Writing for TV Level 1 with Sean Conroy

In this class students will write a spec script for an existing show.  All aspects of the process will be covered, from coming up with original stories, to pitching an episode idea, outlining it, writing a first draft, then rewriting it based on feedback.  The class will be run as closely to a real writers’ room as possible, with feedback from all students encouraged, as this is part of the actual sitcom writing process.  At the end of the class, students will walk away with a full spec script.

Students will be expected to participate extensively in class discussions.  

In addition to 8 group meetings, class also includes a half-hour one-on-one session with instructor at the conclusion of 8 weeks to go over the entire script point by point.

Students should have access to a computer and stable, robust internet access, webcam & microphone.

There is work outside of class, preparing sketches for
presentation in every class and viewing sketch videos. This online
course uses Google Classroom and Google Meet programs to conduct live sessions with your instructor and fellow students.

Please check to see if you have the compatibility requirements for utilizing these
programs before registering:





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Sean Conroy, teacher

Sean Conroy

Acerbic comedian Sean Conroy is self-lacerating and constantly annoyed- at himself and everybody else- but always manages to sneak in a healthy dose of silliness and joyful charm. Splitsider.com describes him as “intimidatingly smart, intimidatingly funny, and just plain intimidating.”

 He’s a multi-disciplined comedy tour-de-force. As a stand-up, Sean’s performed on Conan and Comedy Central. As an improviser, he was a founding member of the first ever house team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, legendary improv group The Swarm, and has been a regular in the UCB’s flagship show ASSSSCAT for almost twenty years (in fact they asked him to perform with them when they recorded their live show for Shout Factory, still available on DVD).  He’s been a television writer for over a decade (Key & Peele, Crossballs, Dog Bites Man, Gentlemen Lobsters, Players, Love Inc.), most recently finishing up his third season as head writer of Adult Swim’s cult favorite Mr. Pickles, about a dog who’s sort of like Lassie (except he worships Satan, and is a serial killer). He’s hosted over 325 episodes of his podcast, The Long Shot (which the AV Club calls “rollicking” and “a consistent delight”).  

He enjoys good coffee, mediocre whiskey, and ship novels. Check out his website at seanconroy.com, follow his 2017 tour at worldssmallestgiant.com, and follow him on IG and Twitter at @seanconroy.

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