Advanced Study Writing Tuesdays 7-10pm

Advanced Study Writing: Advanced Writing Workshop

Prerequisites Completion of Sketch 301; Acceptance into Advanced Study Sketch
Scheduled Tuesdays 7-10pm
Start Date Sep 3, 2019, 7:00pm
Price $235
Class Size 10 students
Sessions 4 sessions, 3 hours each
Advanced Study Writing classes focus on specific topics for advanced students

Students will be expected to devote time to writing and rewriting material outside of class. 

There is no show for this class.

Students will be required to see two scripted shows at the UCB Theatre before the end of the course.

Class Size: Varies

Pitching Your Series

With the explosion of streaming services, more television shows are being bought than ever before. That means executives are looking to hear a lot of pitches. Learn how to pitch your series now! Even if you don’t have pitching opportunities coming up, working on a pilot’s pitch helps hone your show. 

In this four week workshop, you will learn what a network or streaming pitch looks like for a half hour comedy. You will write a logline. You will work on your idea for your show (but not write the script- no actual script required). You will write a mini show bible, explaining how your show works and what it is about. And you will do a real 15-20 minute pitch to  the class. 

This class will require that you come prepared with a television show idea. You should also be prepared to do some public speaking on the last day of class.

Madalyn Baldanzi, teacher

Madalyn Baldanzi Madalyn Baldanzi is a Brooklyn-based writer, director, and teacher. She has written for Maude teams Fambly, Absolutely, and Nispey. She is also an alumnus of UCB Digital team LASH. She is a 2017 Made In NY Writers Room Fellow. Her show, A Date With Every Boy, recently enjoyed a run at the theatre. She is also a member of Bullshit Women, whose self-titled show also enjoyed a run at UCB. Madalyn is co-writer of the Above Average series "Katie: A Lady." Most recently, she wrote for Seasons 1 and 2 of Mr. Student Body President, out now on go90. She has been a contributor to Funny Or Die, and writes, produces, and directs comedy videos with her production company, Fancy Family.

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