Sketch 101 Tuesdays 7-10pm

Sketch 101: Sketch Comedy Writing

Scheduled Tuesdays 7-10pm
Start Date Nov 12, 2019, 7:00pm
Price $450
Class Size 12 students
Sessions 8 sessions, 3 hours each
This course is an introduction to the UCB philosophy on sketch comedy, specifically using "the game" to write short comedic scenes. Each week students will engage in writing exercises that will explore different sketch formats. Students will be exposed to different methods for turning funny ideas into even funnier written sketches. Students will leave the class with an understanding of popular sketch formats and a portfolio of writing.

No prior sketch writing experience is necessary -- the only requirement for this class is a desire to write and learn. Students should have access to a computer and printer and be prepared to work outside of class, preparing sketches for presentation in every class. Students will be required to see two live sketch shows before the end of the course.

Class Size: 12 Students

Does not meet December 24 or 31.

Jason Shebiro, teacher

Jason Shebiro Jason Shebiro is a writer, producer, and comedian in New York City. He is currently the Director of Comedy Programming at SiriusXM Radio.

At UCB Theatre he has written for Maude Night on the teams Fambly and Alamo and directed the Maude teams Dangerous Woman, Charles, and Archnemesis. He co-wrote and directed The Pageantry of Man, which was a one man show about dudes, and co-wrote and co-starred in California, USA! which recently enjoyed a six month run at UCB Chelsea and was hailed by the NY Times as "[a] sketch show."

As a member of the Digital team Brinkman, Jason wrote and produced a number of web series for UCB Comedy including Pact, Last Two People on Earth, and Life Support.

He is an alum of NYU Film School, the NBC Page Program, and a bunch of other cool stuff, and has written for MTV2, produced and hosted for SiriusXM Radio, and has been featured on Comedy Central('s website) and IFC('s website).

Follow him on twitter @shebiro if you like following people on twitter.

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