The Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Training Center's mission is to foster the evolution of comedy by providing its students with the highest quality of professional training in both long form improvisation and written sketch comedy.

Through study and practice, we aspire to instill in our students a passion for the creation of their own unique comedic voice and their continual evolution as comedic performers and writers. The training center's relationship with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre enables it to serve as a laboratory for both accomplished comedians and new students to stage their craft. The Training Center enjoys a symbiotic relationship with the UCB Theatre, a major comedy venue. This allows the Training Center to use the theatre as a laboratory for new students to stage their craft.

The Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Training Center (referred to for the rest of this document as the UCB Training Center) provides our students with instruction based on a distinct, proven, "game-based" improvisation and sketch writing curriculum. Our curriculum, originally developed by the UCB, is constantly reviewed and improved by some of the most respected comedians and instructors in the industry.

The Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center is located in the heart of Manhattan, the entertainment capital of the world. In addition to its reputation as one of the most lauded comedy theaters and training grounds in the nation, our location helps us offer our students opportunities to both make valuable connections with other comedians and practice their craft onstage.

We offer our students a myriad of opportunities to learn as students, practitioners, and spectators of our style of comedy. The training center and theater work in tandem to foster this goal, most notably through our policy of allowing students free access to those shows at our theater that illustrate the concepts taught in our classes.

The UCB Training Center is committed to being a vital cultural force in the diverse performance communities of New York City, Los Angeles, and the world.